Tomorrow: Day and Night With The Herders

Tomorrow: Day and Night With The Herders

Hi All,

Well, tomorrow’s the big day – 24 hours with the herders. Getting psyched up for it now. It’s a long day (and night).

My one and only worry, of course, and a bit more so this time, is when I need to take a you know what during the evening.

The lion activity has been a bit higher amplitude this season. There have already been several attacks, including one today in broad daylight on communal cattle (not ours). The cattle ran out onto the tar road and where hit by a truck. An ugly seen. Again, these were communal cattle, and the stewardship isn’t as good, but it was on our property right near where the kraal is now. Yes, the communities also graze their cattle on our property, even though they aren’t supposed to, and we just factor it into the plan.

Also, there was an attack in broad daylight on the little goats in the boma, poor things. But again, it’s because the herder had wondered off (in search of another goat). Such is life in the bush.

The truth is lions are petrified of people, but I’ve still been told, in so many words, "do your shitting before it gets dark." That’s harder and harder to do as we get older (he. he.).

Let’s hope you hear from me again.

Peace and love.

– s


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