sethitzkan sent you a video: “River Restoration in Zimbabwe – Countering the Savory Deniers”

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River Restoration in Zimbabwe – Countering the Savory Deniers
by sethitzkan
Seth Itzkan on the Dimbangombe River at the Africa Center for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe, discussing the restoration and expansion of the riparian area through use of the "planned grazing" techniques employed there. Techniques include regular moving the "kraal" (corral) – approximately every seven to ten days, group herding – so that all the animals are bunched in a fashion more like wild herds in the presence of predation, and "planned grazing" to assure that grass is only eaten at the optimum time and there is no overgrazing. Counters the Savory deniers. Argues for the need to make the distinction between conventional grazing (by any name), that is universally recognized as deleterious, and Holistic Management with "planned grazing", that specifically "plans" the grazing and all aspects of the livestock movement to "enhance" and "restore" the ecosystem – utilizing the biological gifts of the animals to work with nature for proper grassland functioning.
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