Check it out. Our 350 photo is in the Huffington post!.

Hi Friends,
We just took these photos. The elephant’s name is Dojiwe (DO GEE WAY).

350 photo with elephant

fyi, the number 350 that we are all holding refers to the organization, which mobilizes public awareness about climate change. The number 350 refers to level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that scientists believe is the maximum safe level. We are currently close to 390, so we’ve already gone too far. It needs to come down. On 9/24 groups around the world are mobilizing to spread awareness and they will either hold up the number 350 to create the number artistically, see many interesting photos here

These attached photos are our contribution from Zimbabwe.

It was a lot of fun organizing this.

I hope you are all well.

The article is here:

Huffington Post


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