Up Before The Roosters

As I write the crickets are keeping time. They are a metronome, setting the pace for sunrise.  I just timed the rhythmic oscillation which is about 1.2 seconds per pulse. That’s roughly 50 per minute – a slow steady beat – a relaxed pace. Not a worry in the world.  Complementing the rhythm section is the wind – a lonely wind. Where is it going in such a hurry?  This is the windy time of year.

I am surprised to hear it and am reminded of the winter wind in New England. The first rooster just added it’s voice to the morning chorus which also now has smaller birds. It’s special to be up before the rooster. One is beating that devil at it’s own racket. Ha! Who needs your annoying call? Go back to bed. I’m already up.  Morning comes quick here. As does nightfall. The sun doesn’t know how to hit the horizon at a slant. It‘s always just straight up and straight down, like a pendulum.


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