A Slice of Heaven

Savory “Baboon” Camp

A Slice of Heaven

In addition to the Savory Baboon Camp, there is also Main Camp, Elephant Camp, and several compounds for staff. As I write now it is morning the next day, Saturday, 9/10, and quite cold, almost cold enough for me to see my breath. I am surprised how cold it is, although I shouldn’t have been because the weather website I checked before coming hear said that the temperature went down to the 50s in the evening. That temperature was fro Victoria Falls, about 20 miles away. I have a feeling it is colder here, particularly in the Savory Baboon Camp which is in a valley where the cool air settles.  It’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings, despite the rooster’s persistence.

The Baboon camp is a little slice of heaven on earth, or should I say, it is positioned within. The entire Center is the midst of a game reserve, which, actually, is most of Zimbabwe, but this camp is particularly special. As I said, it is about a kilometer from the main camp.  There is no electrical service down there, although they do have solar photovoltaic array and a backup diesel generator, although they rarely run it.  The small solar array charges the bank of four 12- volt batteries. From that they charge the torches (flashlights), and have power for a small cooler, the laptop, the wireless router, and most importantly, the dispatch radio which is ever on and chirping with the static filled brief calls to and from key staff, most frequently Shane, the ranch manger and his herders.  When all is copacetic it will be fairly quiet, but when there are lions prowling about the kraal or a bush fire is being battled, it can be harping throughout the night.


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